Frances Perry House

The Royal Women’s Hospital

The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists’ published clinical guidelines.

Victorian Clinical Genetics Services offers a comprehensive range of genetic screening and diagnostic testing options with expert laboratory and clinical support.

Diabetes Australia
Provides a wide range of information about all forms of diabetes including gestational diabetes.

Multiple pregnancy information
An excellent resource for parents expecting, or having delivered, multiples.

Better Health
A useful reference for lifestyle and dietary advice during pregnancy.

Australian Breastfeeding Association
An excellent resource for breastfeeding information and advice.  Also provides information about hiring a breast pump (join the association for a discounted rate).  

Perinatal anxiety and depression Australia
Information about antenatal and postnatal depression.

Cell Care
Information about private cord blood collection.

Social workers, psychologists and counsellors for a wide range of parenting issues.

Sum of Us Studio
A collaboration in Prahran that provide physiotherapy, pilates, yoga and myotherapy in a beautiful space. Many classes are tailored to pregnancy and post-natal recovery. 

Inform Physiotherapy and Pilates
Physiotherapy and pilates with a focus on pregnancy, post-natal, pelvic floor and gynaecological. Inform has sites in Carlton (Elgin House), Fairfield, and Carlton. 

Number One Fertility
Fertility Services Provider